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2 in 1 Anti Cellulite Shape Sculpting Slimming Face Lift Equipment

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Rotary Negative Pressure RF + Inner Ball Roller Machine

1. Principle introduction

(1) Rotary negative pressure RF
The liposuction handle combines vacuum negative pressure + 6MHz radio frequency + 180° mechanical rotation + LED red and blue light technology in one. It is a non-invasive shaping machine. Accurately heat the skin tissue as deep as 2mm and 30mm, so as to promote blood circulation and accelerate
the metabolism of fat tissue, so as to realize the four effects of fat melting, shaping, skin tightening and lifting in one. Rotary Negative Pressure RF can be used on any body area that may need contouring: thighs, abdomen, arms, belly and more, and is effective in helping clients suffering from cellulite to improve their skin condition
(2) Inner ball roller
It uses innovative compression micro-vibration + infrared technology. This technology is to generate
mechanical compression micro-vibration to the skin through by a 360° intelligent rotating cylindrical roller handle. which cannot be replicated by hands or other technologies. "Compression micro-vibration therapy" replaces the traditional method of "suction traction massage", using micro-compression instead of suction, and micro-vibration instead of traction. When it used for the body, which can help to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, deep detoxification, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, break down subcutaneous fat deposits, eliminate cellulite, reduce cellulite and shape contours. After a few procedures, your body will immediately reduce its volume by 1-2 sizes. When it is used for the face, which can help to improve the formation of blood vessels, thereby supporting the production of collagen and elastin, increasing oxygen delivery,
helping to nourish and brighten tissues from the inside, in addition, it can relax and regulate muscles and help reduce expression wrinkles. Appears, reduces swelling, fights tissue sagging, and rejuvenates the face significantly. Compression micro-vibration therapy is specially designed for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, body shaping and physical therapy. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use and follow the instructions.

2. Function of handles
3. Parameter
Touch screen
15 inch touch screen
Radio frequency
Vacuum negative pressure
Red and blue
Roller speed
Package size
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